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“I love my home and its location and I feel grateful that this sort of option is available.”

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Why choose Urban Choices?

With our history in social and affordable housing, Urban Choices' roots lie in helping all Australians find the right place for them. We're not your typical real estate agent. We are agents that understand the complexities of housing affordability in Australia and want to combat the challenges a large proportion of tenants face in the private rental market.

Am I eligible for NRAS through Urban Choices?

The first step is to refer to our Eligibility Check List. If you are eligible you will then need to complete the Application for Housing and send with all required supporting documents to our office for assessment.

Eligibility criteria

  • As a primary applicant, you must be 18 years or over.

  • Your income must be no more than the below maximum limits (including children):

One Adult

Two Adults

Three Adults

Four Adults

Sole Parent with 1 Child

Sole Parent with 2 Children

Sole Parent with 3 Children

Couple with 1 Child

Couple with 2 Children

Couple with 3 Children

Each Additional Child

$49,547.00 per annum

$68,501.00 per annum

$87,455.00 per annum

$106,409.00 per annum

$68,548.00 per annum

$84,983.00 per annum

$101,418.00 per annum

$84,936.00 per annum

$101,371.00 per annum

$117,806.00 per annum

$15,889.00 per annum

  • For all household members to supply 12 months consecutive payslips. If self-employed we require a current tax return statement or profit and loss statement.

  • 12 months of bank statements for all bank accounts held by the applicant

  • Proof of Identity - you will need to provide copies of one Primary ID and two secondary ID from the below.

Primary ID

Drivers licence

Passport (must be current)

Key pass

Birth Certificate (or extract)

Citizenship Documents

Secondary ID

Medicare card

Pension card

Centrelink concession card

Electoral Role Registration

Motor Vehicle Registration

Utility Rates

If you meet the above criteria and are have all of the supporting documentation, then you can apply for housing via our ‘Housing Application Form’.

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