Peace of mind. From the word go.


Our team at Urban Choices Property is totally committed to looking after your investment and we look forward to building a strong relationship with you. We will always strive to deliver excellent property management services for your investment.

What we do before the tenancy...

Preparing your property for lease

Urban Choices will provide you with suggestions on the best way to present your property to the rental return and attract the ideal tenant. Your property manager can

also advise you on the likely rental achievable under the current market conditions

and market value.

Marketing your property

Effective marketing of your property is an integral part of finding the right tenant.

We will develop an advertising and marketing plan on how best to promote your

property to potential tenants.

We use a number of tools including advertising and marketing products to promote

your investment to maximise the property’s potential to attract suitable tenants.

Open for inspections

Our property managers provide a quick response to any enquiries about your property and will organise property inspections for prospective residents.

Resident selection

Securing the most suitable tenant for your property is critical to the success of the tenancy. By cross checking references we will, in consultation with you, find the most suitable resident: occupants who will pay the rent on time and maintain the property to an acceptable standard.

You will be offered the opportunity to make a final decision regarding the prospective resident prior to Urban Choices offering the property.


When you have approved a prospective resident, we will arrange for the Residential Tenancy Agreement, lodgement of the bond to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority, issuing of the keys and condition report on the property, including photos.

...during the tenancy...

Collecting your rent

A system has been developed for our residents to make it easy for them to pay rent to our agency. Each resident is issued with a registration number which can be used to pay rent directly from their nominated bank account. This makes it easy for residents to pay their rent on time and reduce the chance of tenants falling into arrears.

Payments to you

On a monthly basis, all rental monies, unless instructed otherwise, will be paid to you by way of direct credit to your nominated bank account. A statement is issued at the same time which shows the amount of rental collected and any charges you may have incurred for the month. Charges may include property management fees, maintenance costs, council rates, water rates and owner’s corporation fees.

Managing rental arrears

When a tenant falls behind in their rental payments a process is followed by our property managers to minimise any rental loss. If the rental falls more than 14 days in arrears we can issue a ‘Notice To Vacate’ under the Residential Tenancies Act. Be assured that we will inform you of any late rental payments and you will be contacted for instructions to proceed with issuing a ‘Notice To Vacate’.

Routine inspections

Every rental property under our management is inspected on a six-monthly basis.

The purpose of the inspection is to:

• Ensure that the property is being maintained

• Review any maintenance issues

• Review the current tenancy and rental status

As the landlord, you will be invited to attend any of these inspections so please let us know if you wish to join us. After the inspection, landlords are supplied with a detailed inspection report outlining the condition of the property, maintenance issues and any recommendations.

Smoke alarm testing

Urban Choices Property is proud to offer a smoke alarm maintenance service to its investors. The maintenance service ensures both of your investment and your residents are appropriately protected in the event of a fire at your investment property.

Property condition survey

As the landlord, we know that it is important to maintain your property to a good standard to maximise the rental return on your investment. To assist you with this, Urban Choices Property offers a detailed Property Condition Survey. This survey has been proven valuable, giving investors the most in-depth knowledge of their investment and allows for a current and future maintenance plan to be put in place.


At Urban Choices, we have access to qualified, reliable tradespeople who can attend to any maintenance required. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own tradespeople, please forward your preferred contractors’ details to your property manager. We will always report directly to you for any repairs required to seek your instructions.

However, if you are unable to be contacted and the repairs are urgent, we may need to proceed immediately. At Urban Choices, we offer an out of hours emergency repair service. If an urgent repair is required outside of normal office hours our team have access to a large range of reliable tradespeople that will attend to the repair promptly. Alternatively, you may wish to use your own tradespeople to attend to the urgent repair.

Understanding the legislation

We have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Residential Tenancies Act and the workings of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and will serve notices and represent you at VCAT.

Keeping you informed

We understand that while you want us to manage your property, you want to be kept informed on a regular basis. We will inform you of any maintenance issues and make recommendations on any improvements required to your property.

National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

We have an experienced team that can manage the NRAS for your property. Your property manager will manage all requirements and obligations under the NRAS, ensuring that the approved NRAS property complies with the scheme whilst carrying out normal property management duties.

NRAS compliance reporting

Urban Choices Property is pleased to announce that in 2015/2016 99.7% of our investors were compliant and received their full NRAS incentive.

...after the tenancy.

Final inspection

Once the resident has vacated the property, we will carry out a final inspection to ensure that the property has been left in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy, except for fair wear and tear. As the landlord, you are welcome to attend this inspection.

Bond return

After a final inspection of the property, we will determine whether the residents are entitled to a full bond refund or whether any deductions should be made due to cleaning, damage or rental arrears. We always ensure that both tenant and landlord are well informed at all times. If there is no agreement reached between the landlord and the resident, the matter is referred to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Preparing the property for reoccupancy

Once the property is vacant, we will organise any repairs or maintenance that may be required so that your property can be presented in the best way possible. We will give you suggestions on what works are required and will always seek your instructions before any works are carried out.