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Ending your tenancy

A helpful moving guide

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You may find yourself in a situation where you want to end your tenancy agreement with Urban Choices Property. In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and your lease agreement special conditions, you are required to give us written notice of your intention to vacate, contact Urban Choices to make arrangement for a joint final inspection, return keys on the agreed date and time, and pay rent up until the last day of your stay in the property.

You will need to put in writing (by email or letter) to your Property Manager your intention to vacate giving at minimum 28 days notice. You will also need to ensure the property is left in a suitable condition.

If you need to carry out any repairs or re-decorating, this will be fully explained to you. You can telephone your Property Manager if you are not sure about the procedure, or if you have any questions. By following these steps, you can avoid being charged for any resident damage.

Helpful tips

When moving there is so much to do and think about so we have created a guide to help you and hopefully reduce the stress involved in moving home.

Change of address notifications

  • Vic Roads (Car Registration & Driver’s License)

  • Banks - (Credit cards, accounts etc)

  • Insurance (House, Contents, Car)

  • Solicitors, Superannuation

  • Electoral Roll

  • Medical (Dentists/Doctors etc)

  • Mobile Phone, Home Phone, Internet

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Australia Post - Mail Redirection

  • Newspaper delivery



Make sure you are covered for your new home with household and contents insurance.



Arrange final meter readings and the disconnection & reconnection of each service and arrange to have them connected at your new property:

  • Gas

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Foxtel

  • Internet



Start collecting boxes big, medium and small. See if you can pack thing daily to take the pressure off when the last days are coming. Don’t forget the bubble wrap and sticky tape.



Go through the draws and check hooks and gather all keys ready to hand over to the agent. Have a check that you have keys to all locks including windows, gates and padlocks.


Hard Rubbish

Most local councils offer a free hard rubbish collection so check with them or visit their website for information.


Do you need a trailer?

Check in with the local service station or Bunnings to see about a hire trailer. Remember you need a tow bar to be able to use a trailer.


Tell your agent

Let us know of your new address just in case we need to forward anything to.


Say goodbye

Done forget to tell the neighbours where you are in case of missed deliveries or mail.

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